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Photo­graphy as an oil painting


With this course, you will be able to turn your regular photograph into an oil painting. You can use any camera to make a photography shot and use modern digital technology to get the picture. And at the same time, you will print a completely handwork photo with oil paints on archival cotton paper. You will know how to mix our modern times photography and old handmade techniques of printing.

Introduction (Preview):

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Course Content:


  • Handmade Photography. Photography as an oil painting.
  • How to create an artwork from your usual photo.
  • How to turn your photo into a real oil painting.
  • What is EcoGumoil photography printing.

Lesson 1

  • Where to begin, what you need to have.
  • How to choose all the elements necessary for the process.

Lesson 2

  • How to choose a photo for your print.
  • Large format features.
  • Processing photos in the editor.
  • Printing positive on film.

Lesson 3

  • Making a photosensitive emulsion.
  • Application of a photosensitive emulsion. 

Lesson 4

  • Exposure emulsion, washing, drying.
  • Application of paint.
  • Washing off the paint.
  • Finished result.

Lesson 5

  • Whitening print.
  • Various bleaching options.
  • Conclusive result.


  • Karl Koenig pictures.
  • The uniqueness of the method. Archival properties.
  • Photography in the interior.
  • Author's works.

Supplements on student questions

  • Important information on questions that arise during the study.

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