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EcoGumoil - safe and non-toxic method for printing Gumoil photography

In 2020, Ostanina developed an Eco-Friendly Method for printing photography - EcoGumoil. Instead of ammonium bichromate, non-toxic photosensitizers began to be used. This has made the print process safe for health and the environment.

Research was carried out to study the process of Gumoil photography printing using various photosensitizers. The EcoGumoil printing technique uses a sensitizer photopolymer emulsion with an environmental passport that complies with international safety standards. This item has an international environmental certificate. The photosensitive emulsion is water soluble. It mixes with gummiarabic resin and water. A mixture of sensitizer and gummiarabic is sensitive to the most spectra of light. This makes it possible to use various light sources during exposure and achieve high quality images. Photos made on the new emulsion have high detail. In the last stages, additional bleaching with chemicals containing chlorine and preservatives are not required. 

As a result, the process EcoGumoil has become not only environmentally friendly, but also more economical.  Reduced printing time and the amount of spent reagents.

The study is motivated by the desire to minimize the adverse effects of our activities and strengthen safety. The result of this development is to obtain a photographic picture without negative impact on health and the environment.



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