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Fourth Museum Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography   December 7, 2016

Museum Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography allows us to introduce the oeuvre of professional photographers and photo artists who have just started their career to the museum visitors. In Russia such a museum project was first introduced in 2009. The purpose of the third and the following Biennale projects is to reveal the new names and tendencies in all the types and genres of contemporary Russian photography and to draw visitors' attention to the artists' creative potential. Following the exhibition project that started in 2009, the Russian museum has collected the works of photographers from all corners of Russia.

The Fourth Photobiennale presents around 400 works by 211 photographers both famous and beginners from 46 conglomerations of Russian Federation. The format of the exhibition reflects all the variety of movements in the art of contemporary photography. The exhibition is divided into the sections such as “City”, “Still life”, “Nu”, “Landscape”, “Portrait”, “Everyday life”, “Religion”, “Stage”. These genres are displayed all together and give a visitor more ideas about the different approaches to comprehension and embodiment of the classic stories.

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