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Photo exhibition of Anna Ostanina «Cricket and wheel»   March 22, 2020

From March 10, 2020 to March 15, 2020 in Saint-Petersburg was held the exhibition of Anna Ostanina «Cricket and wheel». The exhibition took place at the exhibition center of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists.

The exhibition presented photographs made in unique gumoil printing method. Photos are printed manually on cotton paper using gum and oil paints. This is a complicated and painstaking method that allows you to achieve a special expressiveness of photographs, which is quite appropriate to compare with paintings on canvas. It is impossible to make an exact copy of the photo, each of them has its own unique smell, charm and energy.

The name of the exhibition "Cricket and Wheel" is inspired by the photograph in which these two characters are present. And in almost every work of the exposition one can notice this. Somewhere it’s obvious, but sometimes the viewer will have to be very careful and find them.

“Each shot tells a different story. This is what my printing technique requires. Not every frame can be effectively portrayed with oil on cotton. This method is rather capricious and requires special decisions on the choice of all the material. It begins with a plot search and ends with the technical features of the process itself. The photo is printed in different colors and often in several layers. In order to show all the nuances of dark color and naturally convey half-tones, an individual approach to each picture is needed, ” says Anna.

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