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Collaboration with American art manager Philip DeClare   February 19, 2019

DeClare Fine Art is an American consulting agency founded by art manager Philip DeClare.

Philip DeClare specializes in finding one of a kind creatives for selective art markets that look for unique perspectives. 

DeClare Fine Art  offers art advisory and fine art management services using cutting edge strategies to meet the demand of a constantly evolving art market and specializes in collaborating with artists and photographers, galleries, fine art collectors and worldwide organizations to elevate the value of art.

Among the partners of DeClare Fine Art are Valentine Ryabov Gallery (Moscow), ArtWin Gallery (Moscow), Marina Gisich Gallery (St. Petersburg).

On February 9, 2019, Philip DeClair spoke at The Booth Photography Guild in Atlanta (USA, Georgia) with a lecture on the most interesting trends in contemporary art photography, including Anna Ostanina's works in Gumoil technique.

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