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Personal exhibition of Anna Ostanina «Photography - oil on canvas» in the Gallery of classic photography   November 28, 2016

From December 7, 2015 to January 15, 2017 in the Gallery of classic photography will take place personal exhibition of Anna Ostanina «Photography - oil on canvas».

The exhibition includes a few dozen of photographs made using a unique gumoil printing method. The photographs of Anna - the case where the technique of execution is no less important than the ability to take pictures.

In his photographs Anna is constantly improving its methodology and explores the world through the nature of light and graphics. As a result of a complex process the picture projected onto the canvas, the image is applied to oil-based paints in several layers. In the manufacture of a single gumoil print can take several weeks, and the cost of one picture up to 500 euros. Black-and-white gumoil photographs look like engraving or pencil drawing in old books. All gumoil prints are handmade  and each of them is unique. Gumoil prints  invariably evoke enthusiastic response from the audience.  They return the viewer to the monumental art, creates an impression of the extent of the plot in time.

Today, all over the world, only a few masters work in this technique. In Russia, Anna Ostanin is almost the only photographer who is professionally engaged in gumoil printing. She learns and perfects the unique methods of manual handmade photographic printing.

Anna Ostanina is independent art photographer and a member of the Photographers’ Union since 2009. She graduated from the photofaculty "Halperin" at photojournalists union. Her works are in galleries, museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Opening of the exhibition "Photography - oil on canvas" will be held on December 7 in 20.00. Venue: Gallery of Classical Photography, Savvinskaya embankment, 23 p 1.

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