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Photo exhibition of Anna Ostanina «Medieval symphony»   February 28, 2017

From February 27, 2017 to March 13, 2017 in the Saint Petersburg State Capella will take place exhibition of Anna Ostanina «Medieval symphony». The exhibited photographs are made on cotton paper with unique gumoil printing method. 

In the work of Anna Ostanina we can see two passions - music and photography.  They interweave and  complement each other in the soul of the author. 

Architecture is sometimes called as a still music, but Anna has her own perception. For herself, smooth masonry blocks of medieval castles and fortresses seem like a black and white keys of the piano. Stately buildings frozen in time, they are rigorous and graphically, as well as made of black and white photographs. Anna hears the birth of music that is growing and developing. The harmonious combination of walls, windows and towers reminiscent of the sound of eternal grand symphony. 

Beautiful trees surround the castles. They grow gracefully and confidently as a musical theme. The branches stretch to the sun, giving life to the trembling leaves. Fresh breeze shakes the leaves. Anna feels like free birds and animals live in the symphony of the forest and nature.

Anna Ostanina able to keep those sound. In her mind, and then in the printing studio, the symphony is transformed into the pictures, which reflect the perception of solemn medieval melodies, music of freedom and air.

The exhibition is a part of the long-term exhibition project "Contemporary art photography of St. Petersburg». It represented with the support of Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg Administration and its chairman Konstantin Sukhenko and General Director of Capella Olga Homova. The curator of the project - the chairman of the Union of Photographers of Saint Petersburg Alexander Dymnikov.

«Medieval symphony» is not the first exhibition of Anna Ostanina in the project "Contemporary art photography of St. Petersburg». In 2015 there was personal exhibition of her photographs in the art gumoil printing in the Exhibition Hall of the Library of Kirov Islands.

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